Tex Makins and Bobby Woodman teamed up with another original Playboy,Tony Sheridan,who had supported, with his Trio, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran during their tour of Britain from January to April 1960.

In Mid May 1960, Sheridan, Makins and Woodman were joined by another original Marty Wilde’s Wildcat and Billy Fury’s Beat Boy, pianist Alan LeClaire who had begun a vain quest for solo recognition during the last part of 59.

Alan LeClaire
“My first gig with Taylor had Tex, Bobby and Tony Sheridan in the band… 1960… I had worked with Tex and Bobby before but it was the first time with Sheridan. Shortly after that he went to live in Germany..”.

Then Tony Sheridan was hired by keyboardist Iain Hines and went to Hamburg with the Jets, alongside Rick Hardy, in late May and played the Kaiserkeller Club from June 5th to September 1960, settling in Germany for a 3-year stay… And another original came back to the fold: Tony Harvey, this once playing on lead, as he did with Clay Nicholls & The Blue Flames, the previous summer, brought in by Hardy as a replacement for Joe Brown.

Alan LeClaire
“After he [Tony Sheridan] went to Germany, Tony Harvey and sometimes Bob Steele played with Vince… Johnny arrived in London from Portsmouth. He had been working for a promoter called Reg Calvert. He was probably "gigging". Many of us were the same. Gigging means playing for whoever phoned up and often meant working for four or five different bands in the same week…”

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