Part I. An American in London: 1958 - 1959

In August 1958, Brian Holden aka “Vince Taylor” investigated The 2 I's Coffee Bar with his manager Joe Barbera and American guitarist Bob Frieberg. They approached the members of the house band comprising drummer Tony Meehan, bass player Tex Makins, both from The Worried Men, and guitarist Tony Sheridan from the Vince Eager’s Quartet, to become his backing group. The first gig they did was at the Shepards Bush Gaumont on a Saturday.

Tex Makins
“One afternoon Vince Taylor came in looking for a band to back him on a few shows. We said ok we will do them. One show in particular I remember was at the Shepards Bush Gaumont after the Saturday morning picture show. Vince slayed them. When we left the theatre we were chased by a couple of hundred screaming teenage girls - frightening.”

Whilst looking at a packet of Pall Mall cigarettes he noticed the phrase, “In hoc Vince’s”, and Brian liked very much the American movies actor Robert Taylor, thus giving rise to his new stage name of 'Vince Taylor'.

Tony Sheridan
“Joe Singer said that Vince was going to be the biggest thing since Elvis… The only trouble was, he couldn’t sing…”

In September 1958, Tex Makins quickly left, to be replaced by Brian "Licorice" Locking. Next to leave was Bob Frieberg, who couldn’t stand London’s climate and went back home, to California. Tony Harvey from the Spiders was brought in to take over him, then Tony Sheridan eventually switched to lead guitar.
Shortly thereafter, Tony Meehan joined The Vipers and was replaced by Brian Bennett, who had already filled in his shoes in The Worried Men and who would later took over him once again in the Shadows.

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