Vince Taylor


Vince Taylor was a pioneering front man from the early days of English rock and roll, fronting The Playboys, during the late 1950s. But it was in France that his career really took off, dressed from head to toe in Black Leather, in the early 1960s.During his career, Taylor recorded many songs but never achieved a best-seller hit. Although,"Brand New Cadillac", a self-penned song, became his most-remembered work which has been covered by many other artists, such as The Clash.
On the brink of becoming a huge international star, he had a break down - joining a religious movement.
Afterwards he fell into obscurity amidst personal problems and drug abuse.He attempted many comebacks during the years until his death.

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  1. I am looking for someone who knows Vince Taylor well in Paris or France for Television interview about Vince and David Bowie. Can you please help me?
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