Vince Working For Reg Calvert

Just before this last tour, Vince Taylor had travelled to Southampton and contacted local promoter Reg Calvert who’d booked for the next season. Calvert went to Portsmouth and checked out a local outfit called the Strollers.
He then recruited a new set of Playboys: guitarist Brian Marshall and bass player John Cobb aka “Johnny Vance” who teamed up with lead guitarist Geoffrey Gloverwright aka “Buddy Britten” and drummer Johnny Watson, freshly returned from a Summer season at Butlin’s holiday camp in Filey, with Clay Nicholls & The Blue Flames alongside Tony Harvey. The quartet backed Vince Taylor but also Buddy Britten, Britain’s answer to Buddy Holly, for about 5 months. They were The New Playboys as well as The first incarnation of The Buddy Britton Trio.

Brian Marshall
“About mid 1959, I was singing and playing with THE STROLLERS in Portsmouth,
and we were contacted by Reg Calvert and asked if we would like to back Vince as his band had just split.
Myself and Dave Cobb (Johnny Vance) agreed so we moved to Southampton and met with Johnny Watson ,
Buddy Britton and Vince and that was the new PLAYBOYS line up.”

Reg Calvert put them out on the road as a package show (e.g.Cheltenham Town Hall, on 7/01/1960): they opened the show with Buddy Britten singing lead as The Buddy Britton Trio, Brian Marshall came on as “Tony Trent”, and then Vince Taylor would close the show with them, Buddy playing lead.

Brian Marshall
“We played mostly one nighters around England as a TEENAGE PACKAGE SHOW.Vince sung mostly Elvis at that time plus his own numbers, “Cadillac”. “Pledging My Love”. “Right Behind You Baby” ,which always went down well.”

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